Brosette – Gold splatter

$ 650.00

This rare Brosette is a very unique typewriter. It is build in West Germany in 1953 (according to serial number). There were only 48.000 Brosette typewriters made so owning this typewriter is very special because there are not many left.

This Brosette typewriter is ready to use, it has a new special custom black & gold paint and is fully working. The right knob was cracked but is fixed now, typing on this rare Brosette is a bit hard and the paper only works 1-way just like some Olympia’s

It has a standard QWERTY keyboard and has been fully restored, cleaned, serviced and tested. This Brosette typewriter is supplied with a new ink ribbon. This machine comes with its original case, which has been cleaned. The case is in fair condition and has protected the typewriter within, but after many years the color has been a bit changed by the sunlight. As always, please see images for details as these form part of the description. The price offered reflects the condition of the typewriter.

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